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Let's meet at Realty 2014!

Join us at Realty where views on real estate are being exchanged and developed. Book you ticket now!

Seminar overview

Exhibitor list

Up to now, 120 exhibitors have joined Realty. Go to Visitor info to consult the entire list of exhibitors as well as a more extensive Exhibitor Catalogue.

Networking events

Networking events

Several networking events will once again take place at Realty. Not better place to meet with colleagues, decision makers and key figures from different real estate sectors!


Real Estate Financing Today

On 14 May UPSI-BVS organizes the conference 'Real Estate Financing Today' at Realty. More information on content and registration for this event can be found here.

Peter Buchanan

Booming Cities, Blooming Cities

Headliner on the first day of Realty 2014 will be the 'Booming Cities, Blooming Cities' conference. More information on speakers, content and program of this seminar can be found here.

Exhibitor list

Building for the Future

On the second day of Realty, Peter Buchanan will attend as keynote speaker during the international conference 'Building for the Future: City development anno 2040/2050'.


Healthcare property @ Realty 2014

The third day of Realty (Thursday May 15th) will be dedicated to healthcare property. More information on the conference organized by KULAK-Leuven can be found here.

Highlights of the Realty 2013 seminar program

Review Realty 2013  
  • Attendance Smashes Forecasts with 20%
  • The Flexible City
  • AZ Jan Portaels WINS IFMA Facility Awards
  • Heysel Stadium Move For Neo Project
  • Growing appetite for listed property exposure
  • Regulator's REIT Threat may not Materialise
  • Unity in Diversity

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