Seminar program Wednesday 16 May

Speakers from left to right: Maxime Prévot, Philippe Close, Vincent Van Quickenborne

Mayors debate

10.0 AM - 12.00 AM

Sergé Fautré, President of BVS
Maxime Prévot, mayor of the city of Namur
Philippe Close, mayor of the city of Brussels
Vincent Van Quickenborne, Mayor of the city of Courtrai

Location: Conference Village

By invitation only.

Mechelen, pioneering the future

10.30 AM - 12.00 PM

Location: Showroom

The digitization of 21st century society challenges every level of daily life.  To formulate an adequate and affordable answer cooperation is needed between government, entrepreneurship and citizens. As a dynamic city Mechelen is actively preparing itself for this.


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Investments 2022: What's the target?

12.00 AM - 1.00 PM

Minister Jan Jambon for Security and Home Affairs
Laurent VrijdaghsPresident of the Management Committee and General Director of Régie des Bâtiments / Regie der gebouwen
By Régie des Bâtiments / Regie der gebouwen

Location: City Square 

Minister Jan Jambon and Laurent Vrijdaghs will give you a presentation of the Régie des Bâtiments / Regie der gebouwen investment plan for the coming years and their main requirements which they intend to include in their specifications.

Speakers from left to right: Marc Numann, Niels de Vries Humel, Rico Zweers


Moving out of the Stone Age

1.15 PM - 2.15 PM

Marc Numann, Area developer at Newman in  town
Niels de Vries Humel, Strategic designer at The Men of Foam
Rico Zweers, Strategic designer at The Men of Foam
by Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen

Location: City Square

We may still love to play with bricks and mortar, but our cities are rapidly changing into a playground for tech companies. Which role will you play in this world of services and data? Are you ready to exit the stone age and enter the digital era? Or will you end up like the Uber driver? Still holding the steering wheel, but being told where to go by an app? Join us and look at real estate through the eyes of the tech companies that will shape the cities of today and tomorrow.

Fujimoto Sou

2.00 PM - 3.00 PM

Fujimoto Sou, CEO at Fujimoto Sou Architects
by Art&Build 

Location: Conference Village

REALTY welcomes the world famous architect Mr. Sou Fujimoto. The Architecture Innovator of 2014 will give an inspiring talk about his distinct architecture style.

How to market public Real Estate

2.30 PM - 3.30 PM, 

Filip Van der Veken, Managing director of Covast
by CIB 

Location: City Square

How to sell public real estate within a legal framework? A practical workshop with case studies and information on the online bidding platform Covast.

Speakers from top to bottom and left to right: Minister Pascal Smet, Roger Kesteloot, Julien Vandeleene, Kate Croisier, Maarten Kooiman


3.45 PM - 5.15 PM

Minister Pascal Smet for Mobility and Public Works
Roger Kesteloot, Managing Director of De Lijn
Julien Vandeleene, CEO of BePark
Kate Croisier, Market Manager in Brussels & Paris of Zipcar
Maarten Kooiman, Co-Founder of Tapazz 

Location: City Square

Brussels: from a city for cars to a city for people

Minister Pascal Smet for Mobility and Public Works 

Brussels needs a new balance. Urban planning dating back to the fifties and sixties has put cars central in the city’s design. The last couple of decades our Belgian tax policy has aggravated the situation. The result for Brussels: of 350.000 commuters coming in and out of our city every day, half of which do so by car, often individually. The solutions are clear. The idea is not to ban cars from the city, but to find a new balance. We need to invest in qualitative public space, give space to art, trees, benches and places where people can meet.


Public Transport: Smart Mobility for Sustainable Cities

Roger Kesteloot, Managing Director of De Lijn 

Public Transport is about people, about vehicles, about data, but also about designing, building and maintaining a robust infrastructural backbone – most often as part of public space. Plans for the near future will be presented. Moreover, the infrastructural side of De Lijn’s strategic plans will be discussed in conjunction with broader business developments such as digitization, electrification, low emission zones, smart mobility..


What will be the place of parking in the city of tomorrow taking developments in terms of real estate, mobility and taxation into account.

Julien Vandeleene, Managing Director of BePark 

We will address the issue of parking and its impact as a solution for urban mobility in the city of tomorrow. Will the notion of property undergo a revolution through the practice as it did in other sectors? How can cities set up incentive tax policies for motorists? How does the car park market evolve in Belgium compared to our neighbouring countries? Finally, we will address parking as a central element in the real estate projects of tomorrow as a mobility HUB for residents.


How cities can prepare for the future of mobility

Kate Croisier, Market Manager in Brussels & Paris of Zipcar

Why should mobility providers work closely with cities? How can cities influence changes in mobility behaviour? What policies will contribute to a more sustainable urban mobility?


Mobility as a service as part of the buildings of tomorrow

Maarten Kooiman, Co-Founder of Tapazz

What will cities and buildings look like in the future? How will people go from A to B? And how will they combine this with busier and busier lifestyles? Come and find out more during this presentation of Maarten Kooiman, environmental laureate and co-founder of the technology company “Tapazz”. “Mobility as a Service as part of the buildings of tomorrow.”

Investors Club

5.00 PM - 7.00 PM

Location: Showroom

By invitation only.

Speakers from left to right: Minister Céline FrémaultBenoit GreindlCandice LeloupKris Verhellen

Added values of urban agriculture for Real Estate Sector

3.00 PM - 4.00 PM

Location: Showroom

Céline FrémaultMinister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Housing, Quality of Life, Environment and Energy
Benoit Greindl, Co-Président of Libramont Fair, and director of “Montagne Alternative”
Candice LeloupDirector of Green SURF s.a., offering services and solutions for integration of urban agriculture in Real Estate projects 
Kris Verhellen, CEO of Extensa Group
by Professor H. JijakliManager of Research Center in Urban Agriculture (University of Liège)

Nowadays, cities want to become more sustainable and resilient to change. For that reason, they will have to engage with food at increasingly localised levels, in order to reduce their dependency on global systems. With 87 percent of people in developed regions estimated to be living in cities by 2050 it can be assumed that the majority of this localised production will occur in and around cities.

In that context, agricultural activities are coming back in the cities. Belgium (and particularly Brussels) is pro-active in this domain and it can be a real opportunity for the Real Estate sector.


8.00 PM - 12.00 AM

Ir. Thomas Rau,  Architect about Sustainability and the New Economy

Location: Hotel de la Poste 

By invitation only.

Special guest, Ir. Thomas Rau, will be the key-note speaker for the evening. Thomas Rau is entrepreneur, architect, innovator and visionary. His motto is ‘guided by the future’: his decisions and actions are not determined by what is deemed possible or culturally acceptable now, but by what is necessary for the future.


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