ULI Belgium: Building great cities
Building great cities: how inclusivity leads to prosperity

ULI Belgium’s inaugural Annual Conference addressed city competitiveness as a main theme, assessing the competitiveness of Antwerp and Brussels with respect to their relative peers. One of the weaknesses that came out of the analysis for both cities related to social inclusion, which is proving to become more important for strong cities. The most successful cities are those that have embedded social inclusion in their economic and urban development strategies by applying principles of good density, mixing of population groups (generation, income, origin) and having policies in place to integrate migrants in their communities supported by active involvement of the civic society. Failure to address the inequities threatens to undo the progress made and could hamper future regeneration efforts.

Take part in this ULI conference and join real estate and urban development professionals in order to:

  • Learn more about the role that spatial planning and urban development could play in economic growth and social integration;
  • Hear about recent innovations in social integration through the development of more compact, better connected and better integrated cities;
  • Discover how social entrepreneurs have developed products and services that make cities more inclusive;
  • Share good practices and successful experiences in other cities around the world;
  • Meet other urban development experts who care about the cities of tomorrow.

Conference ULI: Part 1

Conference ULI: Part 2 

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